Maximum flexibility

Last-minute assembly change? No problem! With VarioPlace, only you decide how and when to assemble.

Fast Prototyping

No more manual SMD placing for hours. No more costly coordination with external manufacturers.

Surprisingly inexpensive

Due to the consistent use of standard components, VarioPlace will pay off quickly.

Cost-efficient and capable

The whole VarioPlace concept is based on precision and modularity with a very competitive price in mind. In order to achieve the best cost-performance ratio, we used proven standard components from the mechanical engineering sector.

Extensible and flexible

The consistent modular architecture of VarioPlace allows the retrofitting of new functions at anytime and the exact adjustment of your pick and place machine to your needs. More feeders, more placement heads, dispensing or even more workspace: Everything is possible and VarioPlace grows with its tasks.

Compatible and multifunctional

VarioPlace can process SMD components from standard reels, cut tapes, trays and tubes. To keep setup times short, all feeders can easily be replaced and combined to suit your needs.

Precise and fast

VarioPlace uses two cameras to automatically detect the position, offset and rotation of your PCBs, components and feeders. If necessary, errors will be fixed by our software immediately. 0402 resistors or 0.5mm pitch ICs, VarioPlace places all common components without problems.

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